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  • 02/06/2022

    EHTEL’s work on the European Health Data Space and citizen-centricity

    The European Health Data Space and citizen-centricity have been on EHTEL’s horizon for two+ years now. Following its 2019 EHTEL Thought Leaders Symposium, the European Health Data Space, health data ecosystems, and citizen-centric data-sharing were already also on the agenda.

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  • 22/06/2021

    ‘Tiny but mighty’ provides a view of ingestible sensors

    Powered by the DigitalHealthEurope project.

    2021 started with the World Economic Forum being held virtually rather than in Davos, Switzerland.

    On 29 January 2021, Vas Narasimhan, chief executive officer of pharmaceutical company, Novartis, was inspired to explore why this is digital healthcare’s moment. Inspired by progress made in face of the global pandemic, he aired the view that:

    “We can ensure the story of the COVID-19 pandemic ends with a bold global movement that embraces digital healthcare.

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  • 22/06/2021

    New opportunities for European policy directions on ageing

    For some years already, Europe has put demography high on its agenda.

    In spring 2021, the European Commission published a Green Paper intended to stimulate a discussion on demographics and ageing in Europe. A 12-week consultation followed. Now closed, the consultation results should help the Commission to formulate possible policy directions in the future.

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  • 22/06/2021

    Living with COVID-19: Norway’s lively developments in implementation and research

    With the support of EHTEL member, the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research.

    Using digital health: As early as October 2020, Norway was well aware of how its districts – especially the larger ones – could start to use connected health during the COVID pandemic.

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  • 17/06/2021

    Creating Data Spaces: A cross-domain perspective

    Powered by the OPENDEI project.

    What does it take to create and design data spaces? Can lessons be learned from a variety of domains? Design-wise for data spaces and platforms, what is common to the health, energy, manufacturing and agriculture domains? These are precisely the purposes of the OPENDEI Coordination and Support Action.

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  • 14/06/2021

    Improving eHealth implementation: Outcomes of the ImpleMentAll project

    Powered by the the ImpleMentAll project project, with the support of EHTEL member, the Mental Health Services Center in the Region of Southern Denmark.


    EHTEL members are engaged in some really interesting, practical developments.

    What helps innovation to move forward? The complexity of implementation processes in healthcare has prevented many clinical innovations from reaching routine practice, despite evidence of their effectiveness. The ImpleMentAll project (Jan 2017 – Mar 2021), led by long-standing EHTEL member the Region of Southern Denmark, was a European Horizon 2020 collaboration working to improve eHealth implementation.

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