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GATEKEEPER LOGO 72Gatekeeper provides Europeans with a large-scale opportunity. 

What problem does Gatekeeper solve?

Gatekeeper is a European Multi Centric Large-Scale Pilot on Smart Living Environments.

The main objective of the project is to enable the creation of a platform that connects healthcare providers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and elderly citizens and the communities they live in. The idea is to found an open, trust-based area to match ideas, technologies, user needs, and processes aimed at ensuring healthier independent lives for ageing populations.

Gatekeeper is an open-source, European, standard-based, interoperable and secure framework. It will be available to all developers to create combined digital solutions for personalised early detection and interventions. The project will demonstrate its value over a 42-month time horizon.

The project will deploy solutions that will involve 40,000 elderly citizens, in 8 regional communities in 7 European Union member states. It involves people from both the supply side and the demand side (including authorities, institutions, companies, associations, and academe).

Gatekeeper is financed under the Horizon 2020 Innovation Actions topic: Smart and healthy living at home.

What is Gatekeeper about?

Gatekeeper’s scope is to apply advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to tackle the challenge of improving the quality of life of citizens while demonstrating significant efficiency gains in health and care delivery across Europe.  

Gatekeeper is firmly based on the notion of a digital platform.

The creation of the platform is supported by a number of objectives, which are:

  • To deliver the GATEKEEPER DIGITAL PLATFORM implemented through fault tolerant, secure, flexible and scalable micro-services infrastructure, based on open source and data standards, built on top of reference W3C-Web of Things architectural models and including services referred to the health domain through HL7-FHIR and to the home domain through SAREF.
  • To deliver various data spaces, especially the GATEKEEPER HEALTHCARE SPACE:

- The GATEKEEPER HEALTHCARE SPACE, where intuitive and self-configuring dashboards, intelligent services for early risk detection and care plans, and a federated data infrastructure are provided to healthcare professionals.
- The GATEKEEPER CONSUMER SPACE, where certified solutions, services and devices are provided to citizens for the management and prevention of health and social risks.
- The GATEKEEPER BUSINESS SPACE, where certified companies are able to develop solutions, services and devices alone or in partnership, following a set of standards in order to reach and boost the Digital Single Market.
The GATEKEEPER ECOSYSTEM TRANSACTION SPACE, where services for data storage and processing, big data analytics and advanced visualisation of business-oriented KPIs are provided for the exchange of solutions among providers and suppliers, based on data sharing and value-based healthcare paradigms.

  • To execute a series of PILOTS to demonstrate the effect, benefit, value and scalability of the GATEKEEPER solutions around REFERENCE USE CASES covering primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention.
  • To provide an ECOSYSTEM COCREATION framework, resulting from Responsible and Social Innovation principles, aiming at engaging and generate TRUST from Citizens, Healthcare Professionals, Supply and Demand Side, extended through open calls to SMEs, Start-ups, and new regions in an open innovation fashion.
  • To implement a STANDARDIZATION STRATEGY that allows the GATEKEEPER solution to be aligned with standardization development organisations around legal and privacy aspects, healthcare, ageing, homes, cities and energies, Internet of Things, big data and other key enabling technologies, as well as value-based procurement.
  • To transform and process GATEKEEPER results in a reference and sustainable IMPACT FRAMEWORK for decision making about procurement of innovative solutions, integrating elements from Value-based Healthcare, Real World Data, and Health Technology Assessment, involving relevant actors inside and outside the consortium through communication and dissemination activities, for worldwide outreach of project activities and achievements.


What is AReSS Puglia’s role in Gatekeeper?

The Italian region of Puglia is one of Gatekeeper’s project partner regions. One of EHTEL’s members, AReSS Puglia, is responsible for implementing the Gatekeeper Puglia Pilot Site which will see the involvement of 10,000 users over the next 30 months.

AReSS Puglia launched its regional community in October 2020.

To launch the community, it held a Co-Creation Workshop in the Mediterranean Health Forum in Bari, Italy, which involved 50 doctors and health professionals, engineers, researchers, educators, officials, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and citizens. This event connected a wide range of actors and communities.


Gatekeeper offers the opportunity to all stakeholders to contribute to the development and sustainability of its platform. You can collaborate in a European context, thanks to the financial support that various Open Calls will provide.

An Open Call was launched in November 2020 that will close on 28 February 2021. Learn More on this Open Call!


- For more information, visit Gatekeeper official website. 


European Union’s

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 857223

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