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EHTEL is an international not-for-profit association registered under Belgian law (Association Internationale sans but lucratif - AISBL). As stated in its bylaws, EHTEL acts as a neutral forum.
EHTEL represents the views of all those who believe in the potential of ICT to improve the efficiency, accessibility, and quality of healthcare systems. It does not represent the interests of specific stakeholder groups.
EHTEL’s Members are represented in the General Assembly. The assembly is responsible for approving the budget of the association, amending the bylaws and internal procedures, and appointing and dismissing members of the Board of Directors and association.
The Board of Directors is responsible to the EHTEL Membership for defining EHTEL’s strategy and monitoring its activities. The Board is composed of 12 members, who are elected every two years by the General Assembly of Members. The Directors are personnel from EHTEL’s member organisations.
The Executive Committee includes EHTEL’s Secretary General and three Directors appointed by the Board as President, Vice-President, and Treasurer. The Executive Committee is responsible for defining the staffing policies and monitoring the daily operations of the Secretariat and the financial sustainability of the association.
The EHTEL Secretariat oversees the daily operations of the association according to strategies set by the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.
For more details, visit the European Commission's Transparency Register.


  • European Health Telematics Association Constitution (By-laws) 15 March 2017 PDF*
  • EHTEL Internal Procedures 15 March 2017 PDF*

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