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Development and validation of promising integrated eHealth applications combined with nanotechnology for hospitalisation of heart failure patients at home

What problem is NWE-Chance solving?

Cost-wise, 1-2% of total healthcare expenditure is currently associated with heart failure, of which one-half is due to people’s hospitalisation. Greater focus therefore has to be on helping people to get home and preventing them from ending up in hospital in the first place.
Despite new opportunities for home hospitalisation, it faces two main challenges. The first is the limited uptake of the idea by healthcare professionals. The second is the very few connections between the health sector and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are developing eHealth tools for dedicated hospital care in the home setting.

What is NWE-Chance about?

NWE-Chance is an Interreg project, based in north-west Europe (NWE). It works on delivering hospital-level care at home for heart failure patients. It is all about bringing stakeholders together to co-create the knowledge needed to get innovation in home hospitalisation to happen in the north and west of Europe.
The project contributes to develop the capabilities of SMEs and get them more involved in cooperative projects in the NWE Interreg region.
  • Pilots will be run in three different hospitals to test technologies and organisational changes.
  • The project will facilitate the process of co-creation through living labs. An Innovation Hub will be launched.
  • The project will deliver an Implementation Roadmap to multiply the innovations in other regions and initiate similar projects.
Ultimately, the project has ambitions for outcomes with impact five and ten years after the project’s end.

What is EHTEL’s role in the project?

EHTEL’s role in the project is to be the communication and dissemination platform aiming at informing stakeholders on how the project progresses and what outcomes it delivers.
If you want to know more about how the project was progressing half-way through, read its mid-term report and the Hospitalisation@Home white paper to learn about the the achievements, stakeholders involved and technical developments.

Project deliverables

NWE chance
Development and validation of promising integrated eHealth

applications for hospitalisation of heart failure patients at home.

Hospitalisation@Home - two years of progress.


This project is co-funded by Interreg North-West Europe,


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  • Hospitalisation@Home - Two Years of Progress white paper 20 September 2021 NWE-Chance PDF*
  • MAFEIP tool presentation 15 February 2021 PDF*
  • NWE-Chance - Hospitalization at home - Mid-term Achievements 18 December 2019 PDF*