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The Welsh Government has refreshed its Digital and data strategy for health and social care. A PDF version will be out soon. 

The importance of digital and data in supporting Wales' health and social care services cannot be understated. This refreshed strategy builds on the successful delivery of two earlier initiatives. A Healthier Wales (2018), Wales' long-term plan for health and social care.

Wales has made many large-scale investments in digital and data. These involve electronic prescribing and the Digital Services for the Public and Patients Programme, which includes the development of the NHS Wales App.
Organisationally, in January 2023, Wales appointed a chief digital officer for health and social care who works alongside the existing chief digital officers for local government and Welsh Government. 
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The refreshed digital and data strategy was announced by Baroness Eluned MORGAN, Wales' Minister for Health and Social Services, when on a visit to Betsi Calwaladr hospital/health board in late July 2023. This health board is one of six in Wales to explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve diagnosis and prevention of cancers such as breast cancer, prostrate cancer, and now bowel cancer. This exploration is being undertaken based on Ibex's GalenTM AI system for the diagnostics of pathology.
Wales' refreshed digital and data strategy now provides digital and data transformation direction to help people in Wales lead happier, healthier and longer lives through user-centred digital services that are built on better digital skills, partnerships, data and platforms

The refreshed strategy acts as a whole system narrative. It sets out the expectation to leverage digital and data to advance the quality of Wales' health and social care services. It seeks to improve the experience of health and social care users by designing Welsh digital and data services with patients, social care users, providers, and clinicians.

It explicitly recognises that digital and data-enabled health and social care services are as much about people, as they are about technology. It intends to empower people to manage their own health and prevent disease through inclusive and user-centred digital services. All are enabled by a strengthening of Wales' infrastructure and connectivity, use of data, and through embracing innovative approaches presented by new technologies.

The strategy outlines its five principles, three aims, six missions, and - in its annex - compares and contrasts its 2023 initiatives to its 2015 achievements as well as laying out the status of its 27 programmes of activity




For more information on the strategy and on AI for breast/bowel cancer, see: 

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