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The latest OPEN DEI newsletter is packed with valuable information. It contains updates on two recently released position papers and news from the 10+ projects that are taking part in the OPEN DEI Healthcare Cluster.

OPEN DEI is a collaborative and support action which contributes to the objective to help make every industry in Europe benefit fully from digital innovations.

EHTEL is OPEN DEI’s ambassador for the health sector. It acts as a two-way bridge between the healthcare sector and the other three industrial sectors (manufacturing, agriculture, and energy).

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OPEN DEI just launched two position papers:

- The first one investigates the major internal and external factors that could facilitate or hinder the adoption of digital platforms by European organisations across OPEN DEI’s four sectors .

- The second one explores different design principles for sector-specific data spaces, one of which is the healthcare sector.


These position papers add further to a variety of useful briefing papers on which EHTEL has been busy.

Besides these two highly informative position papers, the OPEN DEI newsletter provides news on a series of projects in which the healthcare cluster is involved, like FAITH. This European project focuses on the development of an AI-based solution for patients who are at the post-treatment stage. Italian EHTEL member, Deep Blue, is involved in this project and has several lessons to share on User Requirements and User Interface Design.

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Another interesting project in the healthcare cluster is AICCELERATE. The project’s goal is to demonstrate the scalability of the AI solutions provided by the Smart Hospital Care Pathway Engine to different types of healthcare uses.

Healthcare systems lack flexible AI solutions that allow hospitals to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care. Current solutions offer limited scalability and are confined to isolated applications. Therefore, AICCELERATE aims to provide a scalable model that addresses data sharing, integration, privacy, and ethics, to ensure better adoption of AI in healthcare.

Read the OPEN DEI newsletter here.


Better still: meet OPEN DEI people in person. OPEN DEI project members will be present at HIMSS 2022, in Helsinki, on 14-16 June 2022, at the EHTEL pavilion. Come and ask your questions, and learn more from them about the many exciting projects they are leading!


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