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Organisation description

Deep Blue is an Italian research and consultancy small and medium-sized enterprise, specialised in human factors, safety, security, validation and scientific dissemination. The company operates in contexts with requirements relating to high safety, security and resilience, such as healthcare, emergency management, transport, and energy.

Deep Blue has a multidisciplinary team of specialists in human factors, cognitive science, psychology, interaction design and engineering. Team members deal with the design, analysis, and evaluation of complex socio-technical systems and focus on the human element. Within these activities, Deep Blue considers the interactions, integration, and the allocation of functions between all the components of the system, including between human procedures and automated equipment.

Activities and interest with respect to digital health

Deep Blue has several projects going on in the eHealth domain in which it plays different roles, ranging from requirements identification, user interface design / user experience, and dissemination. Two examples are FAITH and SIREN.

FAITH, an H2020 project, aims to provide an Artificial Intelligence (AI) application that remotely identifies psychological changes that might lead to depression and anxiety, in people who have undergone cancer treatment. FAITH has an ecosystem at its core. It uses Federated Learning, (Deep Blue’s roles in the project relate to User Requirements, User Interface Design, and Dissemination).

In the SIREN project, together with two other Italian institutions, the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) and IFO (Istituti Fisioterapici Ospedalieri), Deep Blue aims at improving the estimation, and monitoring, of radioactive exposure by nuclear medicine operators. It does this through a suite of sensors and a mobile application dedicated to anomalies-reporting and risk awareness.

Deep Blue had even more success in 2022. In the first months of this year, Deep Blue kicked off two further Italian projects that focus on cyber security in health data.

To find out more about Deep Blue, see the official website.

Find out more about FAITH.


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