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EHTEL 2019 Symposium

In 2019, EHTEL’s annual event went local, stepping outside the "Brussels bubble" to take place for the first time in beautiful Barcelona.

The event hosted some 120 participants who gathered together contributing to the latest explorations of what’s coming up digitally in European health and care.

It raised key questions such as how can people and patients benefit from a fair health and care data economy.

It produced amazing insights into health data gathering, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and put in the spotlight impressive innovations occurring in several European countries.

Did you miss the EHTEL 2019 Symposium? Do you want to revisit insightful outcomes from the Symposium? 

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👌 What happened during EHTEL 2019 Symposium?
🔎 About the Symposium 
📚 The Programme
🗣️ Speakers
⏮️ Before the Symposium: Satellite Session and Webinar
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What happened during EHTEL 2019 Symposium?

  • We learned about great achievements in the combined fields of health and care.
  • We explore how Artificial Intelligence could represent the next frontier in the health and care.
  • We had a look at the future from a multi-stakeholder perspective getting together with a mix of people working on digital in health and care.
  • We met a large number of colleagues from health and care associations, health providers, patient groups, payers and insurers, technology firms, academic and research backgrounds, and civic society. 
  • We visited one of Europe’s most interesting locations for digital health and care in action, Barcelona
  • We heard from many local Catalonian leading experts about their achievements, experiences, and challenges. 
  • We lived all these experiences in a national and European context

Want to see with your eyes and listen with your hears? See all the Symposium videos!


About the Symposium

🗺️The Symposium consisted of:
  • An I2m Satellite Session (2 December)
  • A Networking Buffet (2 December)
  • Plenary session (3-4 December)
  • An EHTEL 20th Anniversary & Symposium Gala Dinner (3 December)
📍Where and when:
The Symposium took place in Barcelona, on 3-4 December 2019.
The venue of the main event was CaixaForum with the exception of the I2M Satellite Session that took place at the Barcelona Health Hub Headquarters on 2 December 2019 (14:00-17:30).
The EHTEL 20th Anniversary & Symposium Gala Dinner took place at the restaurant El Xalet de Montjuïc in Barcelona, at 20:00 h.
The Networking Buffet took place at the Selene restaurant in Barcelona, in the Gothic area, at 20:00h
📖Themes and topics
Explore together exciting and challenging digital health and care futures based around:
  • Artificial intelligence (AI): the next frontier.
  • AI-friendly environments.
  • Big data, machine learning, natural language processing.
  • Data donation/data sharing in health and care.
  • Fair data economy.
  • Meaningfulness and smartness in data-sharing and in electronic health records. 
  • Social robots and AI.
👉The 2019 EHTEL Symposium in a nutshell:
  • Took place over two days.
  • Focused on imagining ten years ahead in health and care - 2029.
  • Had at its core the three priorities of digital transformation in health and care: Citizens’ secure access; Better data; Citizens’ empowerment.
  • Celebrated 20 years of thought leadership on digital health in Europe.
  •  Had around 120 attendees, many with digital expertise, from everywhere in Europe and from every stakeholder group involved in digital transformation

🗣️ Speakers & Panelists 

Open & Download the document with all speakers biographies 


The programme – an overview

EHTEL 2019 Symposium Schedule P3 1200



Before the Symposium

1. I2M The Satellite Session
A Satellite Session took place on the day before the Symposium on 2 December 2019, 14:00 – 17:30 CET. It was a participatory half-day workshop organised by Innovation to Market (I2M) – with Ticbiomed, EHTEL, and the support of Tic Salut Social.

The I2M Satellite Session took place in the
Barcelona Health Hub Headquarters.
satellite session


2. The Webinar
Following the Webinar event “Make data work for people’s health! which took place on 16 September 2019, Sitra and EHTEL wanted to engage once again in dialogue with their guests.
The follow-up webinar took place on the 28 October 2018, adding a new element to the discussion: A Data Ecosystem Rulebook.




  • EHTEL Symposium 2019 - schedule and sessions 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Symposium 2019 - 3 December Session 1 - Welcome and Anniversary 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 - 3 Dec (Session 2) Policies Cat EU Industry 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 - 3 Dec (Session 3) AI in use and for All 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 - 3 Dec (Session 4) AI as Trustful Enabler for Better Health 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 - 3 Dec (Session 5) AI as Trustful Enabler for Better Health 2 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 - 4 Dec (Session 6) Keynote a Vision from the Nordics 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 - 4 Dec (Session 7) Health Data at Work 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 - 4 Dec (Session 8A) Meaningful Data 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 4 Dec - (Session 8B) DHE Improving Availability and Use of Secondary Health Data 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 - 4 Dec (Session 9) Sharing in an AI Friendly Environment 6 December 2019 PDF*
  • EHTEL Sym 2019 - 4 Dec (Session 10) Imagine 2029 6 December 2019 PDF*

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