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Successful adoption of healthcare innovation: The active and healthy ageing market

Get to know more about moving digital innovation ahead in your organisation!

satellite session

  • Are you a healthcare or a social organisation involved in providing support to people?
  • Want to go digital and to acquire some new digital technologies?
  • Unsure about what skills, tools and techniques you need to use to move ahead and measure success?


To answer these challenging questions, Innovation to Market (I2M) – with Ticbiomed, EHTEL, and the support of TicSalutSocial – is organising a participatory half-day workshop that will anticipate the EHTEL 2019 Symposium as a Satellite Session. Up to 40 participants will get the opportunity to attend.

I2M will discuss with you the barriers to success and how you can start a successful innovation journey.



The Programme


Keynote speeches will be given by:

  • Marc LANGE (EHTEL).
  • Jorge GONZÁLEZ (Ticbiomed)


Jorge Gonzalez TICBIOMED Director

A panel of experts will follow, to discuss the main challenges. Together, you will get an hour of “bite-sized” round table discussions in which you can share and exchange insights and experiences.

Want to know more about I2M Session speakers? Open the document with all biographies.

The workshop will be followed by a Networking Buffet, in which you’ll be able to explore your ideas, plans, and expand your networking further. It will take place at the Selene restaurant in Barcelona, situated in the Gothic area, 20:00 h.


Full Agenda


14.00 h: Welcome words by EHTEL

14.10 h: Description of the session and its framework (TicBioMed).
I2M Plan: Fostering innovation adoption for better care.

14.20 h: Speech by Jorge González (Ticbiomed)
Demand-driven co-creation for successful adoption.

14.40 h: Speech by Marc Lange (EHTEL)
Scaling-up digital innovation: An experience-based methodology

15.00 h: Short Break: Coffee and Networking

15.30 h: Panel discussion
Setting the stage for the roundtable discussions

  • Rossana Alessandrello, Value Based Procurement Director Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia
  • Rachelle Kaye, Kaye Health Care Systems Consulting Services
  • Vanja Lazic, Health Center Zagreb


16.15 h: “Small Bite” Roundtable Discussions with all attendees participation

  • Roundtable 1: Preparation phase. Recommendations to make the innovation succeed from the start: finetuning the framework, aligning internal stakeholders, setting up expectations and KPIs, including budget for transformation from pilot to long-term implementation.
  • Roundtable 2: Execution phase. Implementation of pilots and recommendations to cross the Valley of Death: what should be put in place so that successful pilots have more chance of being adopted and scaled?


17.00 h: Summary of findings and lessons learned



About I2M


I2M is a recent initiative launched at European level to foster the cross-border adoption of digitally-driven marketable solutions.

Many buyers (whether public or private healthcare and social organisations) do not always have the appropriate skills-set to identify their own needs and guide their choices when adopting innovations.


The location

The I2M Satellite Session will take place in the location of Barcelona Health Hub Headquarters
Visit the website for more information about the venue.
Target Audience
  • - Public and Private Healthcare and/or Social Organisations

Practical information

Date : 02/12/2019 Location : Barcelona Time (CET): 14:00 > 17:30



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