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Day 1 - 28 November

📅 Agenda

DAY 1 | 28 November 2022 | Virtual Room Opens At 13:30 CET (GMT +01:00)

14:00 CET [1] Opening address and Keynote Speech
With the support of the Scottish Government
The European Health Data Space is the flagship proposal from the European Commission to ensure that every citizen has certain rights: they can access their complete and accurate health data, authorise its use for safer cross-border care, and be assured about the trustworthiness of the electronic health record systems that process and communicate their data. It also defines the governance rules for making health data more widely available for multiple use such as personalised medicine, Artificial Intelligence algorithms training, strategic planning, decision making, and research at a European scale. An overview of this exciting vision and opportunity for Europe will launch this year’s Symposium.

14:30 CET [2] Citizens’ rights of access and transmission of personal health data: Implementation models and approaches
With the support of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, Italy, and Next Generation of mHealth Hub
The European Health Data Space focuses on the rights of natural persons in relation to the primary use of their personal electronic health data: Article 3 of the proposed Recommendation focuses on these rights. This session will present and discuss different national and regional state of play and approaches to implementing Article 3 of the data space. Implementation by national or regional health systems entails the deployment of solutions – similar to those of the USA’s Blue Button – that can be accessed through mHealth apps. Once data is in people’s own hands, more options emerge that can support self-care and health research. Is a European version of the Blue Button the way forward?

15:20 CET Session transition – Break

15:30 CET [3] Using and re-using real-world data: Options for interoperability
With the support of MedCom, Denmark
This session takes place with the support of the X-eHealth project. It will report on the state-of-play with national and regional electronic health records systems, and will explore what it takes for these instrumental digital health building blocks to comply with these legal provisions. It will also reflect on the governance to be put in place to enforce the implementation of these standards as well as expand them to additional use cases. The session will furthermore take a look at the market side of things.

16:15 CET Session transition – Break

16:30 CET [4] Digital health strategies, governance, and implementation of European Health Data Space: Challenges and opportunities
Suported by the Imagining 2029 programme
This session will offer the opportunity to hear the voices of organisations and people engaged in the implementation of national and regional digital health strategies. It will involve several discussions about the challenges and opportunities that underpin the data space proposal.

17:30 CET Closing Day 1


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