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Session 4 | Digital health strategies, governance, and implementation of European Health Data Space: Challenges and opportunities

DAY 1 | 28 November 2022 | 16:30 CET (GMT +01:00)

2022 sympo session 4


Supported by the Imagining 2029 work programme

📝 Session abstract


The European Commission proposal on a European Health Data Space is an ambitious one. Implementing its provisions is considered by many people as being a challenge. This is particularly so for national and regional digital health infrastructure(s) and their governance, which require complex adaptations of strategies and legal frameworks. Other critical voices consider the space as being built on an old-fashioned approach to digital health. Hence, it potentially misses out on some ground-breaking opportunities.

This session will offer the opportunity to hear the voices of those organisations and people engaged in the implementation of national and regional digital health strategies. There will be several discussions about the challenges and opportunities that underpin the data space proposal.


Moderated by Eugeni Fernandez Gonzalez, TIC Salut, Spain.

🗣️ Speakers


Towards a European Health Data Space: the approach of France

Isabelle Zablit Schmitz, Ministry of Health and Solidarity, France.

Data and digital health strategy in Portugal

Cátia Sousa Pinto, Shared Services for Ministry of Health (SPMS), Portugal

As part of the digital health strategy, Portugal is implementing a universal health record. In the data re-use field, the Data strategy entails the development of a data lake for research. Portugal is also leading the project X-eHealth that will set the foundation for EHR interoperability.

Towards the European Health Data Space: Challenges and opportunities: A Swedish perspective

Michael Peolsson, Swedish eHealth Agency (eHälsomyndigheten), Sweden

Sweden, as a leader in parts of the Towards the European Health Data Space (Tehdas), prepares nationally for EHDS in various ways. Sweden is today fragmented when it comes to the collection and storage of health data. One challenge involves creating a nationally coherent infrastructure for health data. A Swedish authority will be chosen as responsible partly for setting up a national node for both primary and secondary use of health data, partly for describing how all the country's health data sources can work together. Another challenge is in the legal perspective and also in the interoperability dimensions.

Reflection on Member States presentations

Enrique Bernal-Delgado, Institute for Health Sciences in Aragon, Spain


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