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Interested in twinning with other health procurers? Apply before the month of December is reached.

The Procure4Health initiative is encouraging people who commission (“procure”) innovative products and services to twin up with others. Innovation procurement can relate to all sorts of innovations, including – of course – health and care.

Learn from existing experiences where people have already tackled successfully similar problems and barriers. Essentially, don’t reinvent the wheel!

Some 660,000 euros are available in total from the initiative for this 2nd Call for Twinning. Up to 30,000 euros can support each twinning exercise.

Procure 4 health

What activities are funded?

Proposed twinnings should be aimed at transferring knowledge and experience around the use of a product, service, process, methodology, strategy or a procurement business model.

The kinds of activities to be covered during a twinning include:

  • Knowledge transfer meetings
  • Meetings with local stakeholders
  • Organisational readiness of innovation procurement efforts
  • Field visits
  • Viability studies
  • Dissemination events
  • Travel needed for the twinning


Find out more about activities to be funded in the Procure4Health request for twinning proposals!

How to apply?

Twinning applicants should submit their application electronically via the Procure4Health online community platform.

  • Register for the Procure4Health online community platform where you can matchmake and seek out national or international partners for your twinning.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to submit any questions you have before November 30th 2023. You can do it by sending an email to hello@procure4health.eu (The answers to some 15 of your questions are already available online.)
  • An informative webinar was held on October 5th 2023, 11:00 am CET. Watch a replay.
  • Applications are open until December 5th 2023, 17:00 pm CET
  • A documentation kit is also available on the Procure4Health Platform. Make sure to complete all required documents!
  • Submit your proposal


Procure4Health is looking forward to receiving plenty of applications. The initiative hopes that twinning partners will find their up to six-months of twinning a fruitful, rewarding, and practical experience.

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