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Powered by EHTEL member, Lovexair Foundation

The Lovexair Foundation, new EHTEL member, is reaching out to launch the registrations for the 5th Ibero-American Summit for the Respiratory Community | The future for lung health research. This is Lovexair's 2023 online and free event due to take place on December 5th and 6th, 2023. It is aimed at respiratory patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and individuals interested in learning more about opportunities and trends in global lung health research.


For EHTEL members, it provides opportunities to: 

  • find out what is happening on digital health in the respiratory community
  • understand opportunities and trends in lung health research, and the use of digital tools from the perspective of different stakeholders (healthcare professionals, academics, industry, patients, and caregivers).
  • delve into new applications of digital health in monitoring and managing patient health data.
  • learn what's happening in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico on respiratory health
  • hear from players from industry e.g., data science companies, pharmaceutical companies
  • listen to other views from e.g., healthcare professionals/organisations, and patients and families
  • follow on from earlier insights provided by projects on respiratory health where EHTEL was engaged. 


For two consecutive afternoon/evenings, attend up to three discussion tables, filled full of info on the latest - and potential future - research into respiratory health from perspectives that include digital health and data

Please check the programme and register here

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