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JADECARE is a Joint Action on the implementation of digitally enabled integrated person-centred care. It is part of a series of initiatives that the European Union has launched in order to face the challenges of the transformation of health and care in the Union.


JADECARE will reinforce the capacity of health authorities to address important aspects of health system transformation, in particular the transition to digitally enabled, integrated, person-centred care in Europe. Some 45 competent authorities and affiliated entities are involved in the joint action.

JADECARE plans to transfer what it calls “original good practices” to other parts of Europe. Indeed, two out of the 2022-announced JADECARE good practices come from European regions which have EHTEL members: Catalunya in Spain and the Region of Southern Denmark in Denmark. More widely included in JADECARE are 21 “next adopters” of the four good practices from 14 European countries.

These activities occur within Europe’s increasing shift towards digital.

For more detail on JADECARE, see:

Good practices

Next adopters

The official JADECARE website.

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