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Capacity-building for integrated care takes you on a journey from doing a maturity assessment of your site/region to actual improvement planning. SCIROCCO Exchange’s final, all-day conference showed close to 70 people how to do this in their region/on their site.

Gathered together at a hybrid event, held physically in Brussels, on 4-5 May 2022, the lessons learned by the attendees are now available to all. Attendees learned all about the successes of using the SCIROCCO Exchange method and tool from several panels of expert users.

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An update on capacity-building for integrated care

Capacity-building is the foundation and aspiration of SCIROCCO Exchange EU Health Programme funded project. The project aims to facilitate access to tailored, evidence-based support and improvement planning. It recognises different starting points or levels of maturity of healthcare systems in Europe in integrated care. Before it ends on 31 May 2022, SCIROCCO Exchange has been keen to spotlight its achievements and how it aims to continue its work in the future.

Knowledge transfer in integrated care – the latest 

Knowledge transfer has been widely recognised as an effective enabler to access existing evidence and learning on integrated care and facilitate further improvement. Constructive knowledge management and improvement planning requires dedicated support and understanding of the local context and maturity of a particular healthcare system seeking the support. Plenty of examples were shared by panellists from regions as far and wide as Puglia in Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Scotland in the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

SCIROCCO Exchange knowledge management hub can provide many benefits

The key benefits provided by the SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Management Hub include helping people who work on (digital) integrated care to understand the surrounding context; local maturity; adaptation; and tailored, personalised capacity-building support.

The hub is currently available in 11 languages and has been used in nearly 100 organisations, regions, and countries in Europe and beyond. It plans to go further.

The SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Management Hub is a community-driven online platform. It helps regions, countries and organisations to:

  • Better understand the local readiness, needs and priorities for the adoption of integrated care informed by multi-stakeholders’ dialogues and consensus-building;
  • Access readily available evidence, knowledge and expertise on integrated care to maximise the impact of existing resources and encourage their transferability and adaptation to local context;
  • Co-design personalised knowledge transfer support for people seeking the grounds for the transition and or improvement of the existing system design for integrated care;
  • Co-design improvement planning that is tailored to the local context, maturity and aspirations of European countries, regions and organisations.


In the future, further expansion is anticipated of the applications that can be made of SCIROCCO Exchange’s hub.

All of the results from the SCIROCCO Exchange conference agenda

Today 27 videos are available from SCIROCCO Exchange. They represent all the presentations made by SCIROCCO Exchange members – and more – at its final conference on 5 May 2022. They tell you all you need to know about the practical experience of numerous European countries, regions and organisations in applying and using SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Management Hub.

On the videos, you will hear all about how SCIROCCO Exchange has helped people to assess the state-of-the-art in integrated care, the co-design of capacity-building, and improvement planning.

You will also learn about the latest regions in Europe that are seeking to expand and exploit the use of SCIROCCO Exchange. Included here is Flanders in Belgium, with its keen focus on primary care and integrated care.

Watch the presentations videos below or on Youtube.

To find out even more about SCIROCCO Exchange’s next steps, attend the project’s several presentations that will be made on 23-25 May 2022 at the ICIC annual conference on integrated care in Odense, Denmark.

Read the EHTEL info on SCIROCCO Exchange here.

Project web site: www.sciroccoexchange.com

Learn more about the SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Management Hub here.


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