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Two years on, the story of COVID-19 seems so familiar: from the first reported case of a new respiratory infection in China in December 2019 to a pandemic that rapidly changed the world. A backgrounder published by the European Respiratory Society summarizes the phenomenon.

Respiratory clinicians and scientists have been at the forefront of delivering healthcare for people with COVID-19. They have led efforts to understand this novel virus, and have developed and tested strategies to better prevent and treat the disease. These endeavours extended both to the acute illness and the longer-term consequences. The pace of knowledge acquisition was rapid, but is now maturing.

covid 19 1This European Respiratory Society  Monograph  provides a valuable and timely state-of-the-art summary for clinicians and scientists on understanding this virus and its current consequences. Edited by Aurelie Fabre, John R. Hurst and Sheila Ramjug, the book makes interesting reading for anyone involved in the care of people who are or who have been affected by COVID-19. The first 14 chapters of the book are now online.  

The first four chapters โ€“ including the preface and introduction โ€“ can be obtained for free as .pdfs. Particularly interesting chapters include insights into the situation in intensive care units, and on the socio-economic consequences of the COVID pandemic. An up-to-date chapter on vaccines will be added in early 2022

This site provides online access to the book.

To order a print copy, visit this website.

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