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The European Commission opened a public consultation, via an online questionnaire, regarding the plan for European Health Data Space (EHDS). The EHDS aims to promote safe sharing of health data for healthcare across the EU, a single market for digital health services, create “data lakes” for AI applications in health, and promote access to health data for research policy making.

InteropEHRate H2020 project is serving the objectives of EHDS, by aiming to integrate the healthcare centred approach with a new one that is decentralised on citizens. In the InteropEHRate vision the citizens maintain a copy of their personal health data on their personal (mobile) devices. The citizens move together with their health data and exchange them with HCPs and healthcare or research organisations by means of their device.


Picture1A key concept of InteropEHRate is the Smart Electronic Health Record (S-EHR). A S-EHR (or S-EHR App) is any mobile application:

  • able to store health data on smart devices (e.g. smartphones),
  • independent from cloud (standalone app, no data stored on cloud by default),
  • able to exchange health data by means of InteropEHRate open protocols under Citizen’s control (deciding what to exchange, with whom, when),
  • compliant with specific security constraints.


The vision of research services scenarios of the InteropEHRate Research Services (IRS) will be a prototype of a Research Interoperability Service. The service is a component that interoperates with any S-EHR, by using the research data sharing protocol. This enables scientists to engage volunteer citizens at a cross-national level in new research trials and in retrospective studies, and to receive health data from them. It produces data that may be exploited by the applications (e.g., in a Clinical Trial Management System) in a research centre.

Participate in the consultation here.

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