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This is absolutely the time when our insights and opinions as European citizens are needed. Co-design and co-production are to the fore.

DigitalHealthEurope is a dynamic European coordination and support action. It is working to ensure that platforms and spaces are available for all kinds of stakeholders to work together on the next futures in digital transformation in health and care in Europe.

Data and information are vital for stakeholders. Have you liked what you’ve read of EHTEL factsheets on key topics? To dive even more in depth on some of these subjects, see DigitalHealthEurope’s series of ten key documents – summary papers, consultation documents, and White Papers.

By taking a look at these very focused publications, you can find out, what are the prospects for:

  • Health data spaces and their future directions.
  • Citizen and/or patient empowerment in digital health.
  • The governance of digital health.
  • The support for demand and supply in digital health.
  • The role(s) of digital infrastructure.
  • The role of industry in digital health and care.

COVID-19 is still very much with us. In an era in which Europe is fighting hard to emerge from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital solutions remain key. Therefore, also cast an eye also over:

  • The catalogue of digital solutions for fighting COVID-19.
  • The 65 good digital solutions selected practices on health and care.
  • The support offered by the sequencing of 1+million genomes to preventative medicine.

Much of the work undertaken in preparing these ten key documents has been done through different forms of stakeholder dialogue and engagement.

You can sign up to the 600+ person-strong DigitalHealthEurope community and subscribe to the community’s newsletter. This is the way to learn so much more about what’s going on in the digital transformation of health and care in Europe, and how you can play a role in this vital movement forward.

For more information, see:

DigitalHealthEurope on EHTEL website

- DigitalHealthEurope publications

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