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Want to know how patient data is being used in Germany? Germany’s Medical Informatics Initiative (MII) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has produced a 3-minute video that helps make everything clear for patients.The MII wants to make sure that patients in Germany understand well how they can support medical research that is using their health data.


Germany’s aim is to make data from healthcare usable for medical research and thus improve patient care. The informed consent of patients is a prerequisite to the use of their data for research.



The video helps people (including patients) to understand what is happening in this nationwide initiative, and especially what is going on in university hospitals.

The video gives a clear explanation the consent process and its consequences for two example patients – Hanna and Elyas. It ensures transparency and helps people to better understand the subject of informed consent for data use.

The quick-to-view video can be seen HERE.

EHTEL was alerted to this quick-to-view video by the SMITH project. EHTEL is also working as part of the DigitalHealthEurope project, which focuses on data re-use and re-use, and patients' understanding of the multiple uses of their data. Last but not least, EHTEL's 2021 Imagining 2029 work programme has a clear focus on data re-use, including patient data.

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