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According to the WHO, populations around the world are ageing at a faster pace than in the past and this demographic transition will have an impact on almost all aspects of society. If we want older people to remain independent, able to do what they value the most and continue to be part of society, this historically significant change in the global population requires adaptations to the way societies are structured across all sectors.

This conference provides new concepts of prevention, care and smart living solutions to support human-based care and wellbeing in later life by means of smart technology for community-dwelling older adults in Europe and Japan.

A solution is presented here by the e-VITA project and its research on smart living solutions for care for older people and active ageing. The proposed project builds on socio-technology excellence of “Made in Europe” and the excellence of technology “Made in Japan”, by combining the most advanced partners and expertise from both areas, and by following the concepts from Society 5.0 (Japan) and Digital Europe (EU). 

As a consequence, the conference will set the pace for international cooperation between Europe and Japan, and following a strong business case for such services in Europe, Japan, and worldwide. Of course, this case will encourage the emergence of a whole value chain starting from smart living vendors, via SMEs and R&D centres for trustworthy AI, to industrial operators and communities and care stakeholders. 

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Date : 14 - 15/07/2022 Time (CET): 9:00 > 20:00

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