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We live in a new era of digital healthcare, a transformative moment that not only rewrites the rules but also elevates your healthcare experience to unprecedented heights. Imagine a healthcare system where data is seamlessly integrated, offering you treatments and proactive care that are meticulously personalized to your unique needs.

Health Care 4.0 unveils a reality where this vision is not a mere dream. Digital Health Nordic presents a paradigm shift that empowers you, the individual. 

Join the Digital Health Nordic 2024, and be among the first to explore and experience the future of healthcare that’s here now – anytime and anywhere! This is your opportunity to stay ahead, to embrace new possibilities and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more digital tomorrow.


  • Digital Health Ecosystems
  • Connected Health Care
  • AI Enhanced Health Care


Do not miss: Marc Lange, Secretary General of EHTEL, is one of the speakers of the Connected Health Care session. He will hold a presentation on Citizen Centric Data Sharing, focusing on:

  • The EU Digital Decade e-Health indicators report

  • The “blue button” initiative in Catalunya

  • The EUID Wallet initiative (with the project POTENTIAL) aiming at certifying data citizens would download in their “wallet”


When: 10.45 CET


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Practical information

Date : 13/02/2024 Location : Helsinki Time (CET): 9:00 > 14:30

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