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EHTEL is glad to count AReSS as one of its most active members. AReSS often shares its expertise with the rest of the EHTEL community by speaking at many EHTEL events. The organisation is also involved in several EU project consortia EHTEL is part of, like SCIROCCO Exchange and Gatekeeper.



AReSS’s main mission since 2016 has been the promotion of Health Innovation processes and internationalisation of Healthcare Systems.

The Agency acts as the technical support of the Regional Government in Puglia – one of the Italian regions. It is responsible for defining and experimenting with sustainable integrated care models. It has been heavily engaged with the set-up and introduction of telehealth services in the region.

AReSS represents Puglia Region in the 11 lnterregional groups on Health in the Committee of the Regions where AReSS sits on the executive bureau. It was also an active member of the Coordination Group of Action Group B3 - Integrated Care in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) started by the European Commission. In the Action Group’s Work Plan, AReSS led the Action Area on Patient Empowerment.

AReSS Puglia joined the Puglia Region Reference Site commitment in the EIP on AHA initiative in 2019. It was awarded four stars by the European Commission.

What AReSS Puglia is doing

Digitalisation of health and care is one of AReSS Puglia’s main policies for implementation. AReSS focuses on meeting the needs of people and health systems, and implementing them thoughtfully with the goal of improving the potential for successful health and care outcomes.

IMG 9785AReSS Puglia is implementing telemedicine through a Regional Operational Control Room, to deliver clinical solutions to the region’s patients. The solutions include use of various applications and services such as smart phones, emails, two-way videos, and wireless tools. These deliver efficient results. Use of telemedicine also increases people’s accessibility by reducing distance barriers between medical service providers and patients.

From 2022 onwards, the Agency is involved in researching and defining new models and technologies to support fragile people, and with them volunteers/associations and operators of social and health services, through the Talisman project.

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