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Transformation track


This track facilitates the sharing of experiences among European competence centres. It focuses on the technical and organisational transformations that they are working on. It provides an opportunity to look at today’s context of “what is happening now?” After “letting go”, the idea is to open up to “what needs to come next in the future?”. The track continues to build on the previous editions of Imagining 2029, especially “Hybrid care: mainstreaming virtual care with new models of care”. It will bring recent results from 2020-2021 initiatives up-to-date, and show what needs to happen to face the future.

Transformation focuses on responding to members' current needs for knowledge sharing. It looks at cross-border integrated medication records, the exchange and sharing of health data standards, and the governance of health data. It looks at health and care organisations today, and how they can be transformed in the future. The aim is that they will navigate successfully into and through the new era of hybrid models of care.



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