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December 1, 2023 marked a significant milestone in the European digital health landscape. The xShare project officially launched its consortium of 40 partners. Explore the project's first news, and find out how to attend the first main official meeting in Athens virtually or in person.  

xShare aims to introduce the ‘yellow’ button and industry label to the European market. The ‘yellow button’ will enable people to share their health data in the European Electronic Health Records Exchange Format (EEHRxF). Similar preparatory work was undertaken in the InteropEHRate project. The project’s work forms an important element of the upcoming European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation.

With a single click of the ‘Yellow Button’, xShare proposes that people will be able to exercise their ‘data portability rights’ under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and download their health data in a computable format.

yellow button

With similar ease to that with which people share images on their mobile phones, they will equally well share their health data across primary care, population health, and clinical research. Apps and population dashboards will be of great use here. The result: safe, trusted and informed care. The outcome: the European Health Data Space concept will be achieved!

Professor Dipak Kalra MD, of i~HD, expressed his vision on usability and accessibility of the ‘yellow button’, by saying:

What I dream is that in the near future I will be able to ask Siri to update my patient summary with my new medications, archiving some of the old ones, sharing my experience with my general practitioner.” 

xShare’s many related activities will involve:

  • European trade associations
    • Taking the lead in EEHRxF with the xShare ‘yellow’ button
  • European EHRxF Standards and Policy Hub
    • Supporting the xShare label-
  • EEHRxF and Capacity Building for the Digital Decade 2030
    • Monitoring adoption
  • Empowerment of individuals, health systems and businesses
    • Early adopters taking action!



xShare WP leaders at the executive meeting in Brussels on 11-13 December 2023


xShare Consortium: A force for innovation in the EHDS

The xShare consortium is co-led by MedCom (Denmark) and HL7 Europe (Belgium). It comprises 40 organisations that are early xShare adopters in eight European Member States. Work has already started under the leadership of Becky Kush of the standards developing organisation, CDISC, who leads a team of experts across primary and secondary use of data to establish a harmonised core data set. Early results of this effort will be presented in Athens on 15-19 January 2024 during the Athens Digital Health Week together with HL7 Europe WGM2024 and FHIR Marathon. Three different projects, XpanDH, Xt-EHR, and xShare, will have a joint launch event and organise expert workshops.


Join xShare in Athens on 15-19 January 2024

Join xShare in Athens for a joint launch event as the way is paved for a transformative era in digital health. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this story!

Save the date: January 17, 2023, Athens. See you there!

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For media inquiries contact:

Karolina Mackiewicz, xShare Communications Lead at karolina@echalliance.com


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