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Have you got 5-10 minutes right now to reflect on skills needed? Help out the e-Hospital4Future project!

The e-Hospital4Future project (a project in the EU4Health Programme) is exploring the future skills needed by hospitals.

The project is a collaborative effort among 10 knowledge and healthcare institutions. The partners come from 8 European Member States (Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Norway, Portugal, and Spain). The Spanish area covered includes Catalunya.

e-Hospital4Future’s objective is to develop and disseminate new training programmes and modules to enhance the skills of healthcare professionals. The focus is on three different levels: specifically digital skills as well as  soft skills and hard skills.

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Training modules will cover at least six areas. On the technical side, they include : digitisation of processes, such as electronic health records; patient-reported outcomes in apps; data science; and the Internet of Things. For soft skills, they cover: leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, and resilience. For hard skills, they involve: extracorporeal membrane oxygenisation (ECMO) for people with heart and lung diseases, pacemakers, and cardiology.  

e-Hospital4Future’s survey has the aim to identify the desired level of digital, soft, and hard skills for healthcare professionals.  The survey’s estimated response time is between 5-10 minutes. It is open until 12 July 2023.

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