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A key element of the European Health Data Space is the primary use of health data. Health data is used for direct health, clinical, or medical purposes, and is often located in patients’ electronic health records.   

Do you want to know about the practicalities in the European Health Data Space relating to the format to be used in European electronic health records? 


EHTEL has now produced three briefing notes, which contain the following content: 

  1. Past and present projects related to the European Health Data Space primary use of data
  2. Adoption roadmap for the proposed European Health Data Space Regulation
  3. A paradigm shift anticipated in relation to European Health Data Space governance

The three notes focus largely on supporting informationpracticalities and timelines.  

The source of many details in these notes is from presentations made at the launch of the XpanDH coordination and support action (see our Sources). Pointers are also given on feedback publicly available or received on discussions pertinent to various European Parliament sub-committees.  

The series of briefing notes is available to EHTEL members only on EHTEL’s LinkedIn group. To get access to these kinds of materials, consider joining us!

Meanwhile, keep looking here: EHTEL keeps you up-to-date on its own work towards eventual applied, practical, implementation of the European Health Data Space.



What are our main sources for this information? Materials used in our three briefing notes are derived largely from presentations made at the first meeting of the two-year long XpanDH coordination and support action. The action held its launch meeting in Lisbon, Portugal on 15/16 February 2023.  

The XpanDH coordination and support action underpins the purposeful use of interoperable digital health solutions. They are based on a shared adoption of the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Framework (EEHRxF). XpanDH works in parallel with a number of EU4H-related activities, such as pilot actions and “successor” EEHRxF actions. These are funded under a series of European Union-related work programmes. Some date from 2021 and 2022. Others are upcoming in 2023 and 2024.  

This EEHRxF-related work is to improve interoperability in the European Health Data Space.

It is just one of the five topics included under Horizon Europe’s Destination 6 on Maintaining an innovative, sustainable and globally competitive health industry.

What next?

EHTEL is planning to produce a series of future briefing notes . They are likely to contain information about discussions related to the first three chapters of the proposed European Health Data Space Regulation (Chapters I, II, and III). The focus will be on the primary use of health data. EHTEL hopes to include in future briefing notes observations with specific regard to mHealth.

Meanwhile, EHTEL continues to follow stakeholders’ discussions on the data space.

More activity is planned if EHTEL plays a part in some of the future implementation-oriented projects that will support the data space.

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