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Since January 2023, EHTEL has had a focus on education and skills development and knowledge transfer. EHTEL has been active on its Imagining 2029 work programme.

EHTEL has already run two webinars: one on digital health user friendliness and another on mHealth business models.

What’s up next as we move into summer 2023

Now EHTEL is:

  • About to launch a series of Member webinars on “local market trends”. First up on 31 May 2023 is Scotland’s approach to innovation and investment in test beds. Register now!
  • Preparing a third Imagining 2029 webinar on tools and methods to scale-up digital health services. The webinar will be closely aligned with the work of the DigitalHealthUptake project. It will be exciting for anyone interested in tools and methods. In it EHTEL will develop a mapping of tools and methods which can help implementers when deploying their digital health services at scale.
  • Contributing actively to the Radical Health Festival Helsinki (12-14 June, 2023). EHTEL looks forward to seeing you at the many sessions that it is organising during this new event that is to become a major milestone in the calendar of people involved with digital health.

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What to expect more of in the rest of 2023  

EHTEL has been closely involved in follow-up to two successful initiatives involving Europeans on mHealth and large-scale pilots of activities in eHealth and digital health and care. Both initiatives will become more and more known to EHTEL members as we move through 2023.

Priorities have involved:

  • Taking over the operations of:


In 2023, these two initiatives will become a valuable source of information for EHTEL’s members.

  • Involvement in an intense period of submission to the first Horizon Europe call for proposals in 2023. It is expected that successes in this field should help in securing activities in EHTEL and for EHTEL members for the coming years.
  • Stay tuned: EHTEL is working to involve its members in even more match-making for future calls! A selection of 2024 Horizon Europe calls will be made available to all members next week!

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