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Want to know more about health data ecosystems? In a webinar on 1 October 2020, EHTEL explored this topic in-depth, alongside what it means for two specific countries

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Health data ecosystems bring together health and care professional-generated and either patient- or people-generated data. They can draw on third-party digital health data too. These ecosystems function either top-down or bottom-up. Of course, they need support from the appropriate legislative framework, infrastructure, and incentives.  

By comparing and contrasting their approaches to health data ecosystems, Israel and Scotland came up with five management (governance) principles for health data ecosystems: at the website, these were described by speakers from two EHTEL members, Rachelle Kaye and Nessa Barry. 

A discussion among five expert attendees, and a poll conducted with some 25 respondents, helped to identify further insights into integrating third-party data and ensuring adequate data-flows, and understanding the main obstacles to achieving good health data ecosystems.  

These discussions benefitted considerably from the ongoing work of five European projects: DigitalHealthEurope, InteropEHRate, mHealthHub, SCIROCCOExchange, and vCare. 

This factsheet is just one a whole series of factsheets published by EHTEL, based on its 2020 "Imagining 2029" work programme. 

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  • EHTEL Factsheet: Deep Diving Health Data Ecosystems 18 February 2021 EHTEL PDF*

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