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All the latest news about virtual coaches is now out. A third vCare Newsletter is full of highly readable content!

In 2020, vCare made significant progress in building virtual coaching activities for the home-based rehabilitation of elderly patients.

vCare is now in a living lab phase where patients are actively involved and where all the technologies are tested in a controlled environment.

 These developments have really taken off in Romania, where the vCare team built some machine learning software which will enable patients to perform cardiac rehabilitation in the comfort of their own homes. EHTEL member, the Carol Davila hospital in Bucharest is at the forefront of this work.

Machine learning can help improve people’s health. Serious games – like REHABILITY – designed for patients who live with post-stroke effects, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease or spinal cord injury can lighten the burden on public health services.

Short on time? A 3-minute video explains what a vCare virtual coach can do for patients.


Read the full contents of the newsletter HERE.

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