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European Health Data Space: Putting plans into practice

Virtual conference

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Symposium focus:

The European Health Data Space has been a political ambition of the European Commission for some 2-3 years. In May 2022, it was published as a European Commission proposal for a Regulation

This 2022 Symposium therefore draws on the latest year of work and experiences on EHTEL’s continued journey towards Imagining 2029 in relation to the space.

While EHTEL has explored the data space topic from 2019 onwards, in 2022 the association has chosen to spotlight how the plans for the European Health Data Space can be put into practice throughout Europe. Creatively, the association uses both the outcomes of clusters of different projects and the contents of its own  annual series of seminars. Speakers include EHTEL members as well as leading figures from Europe and beyond.

The event concentrates on practicalities – chiefly, how to implement the European Health Data Space. Look out for key topics like: implementation of the data space; market readiness for the data space; and the upscaling of services, especially digital health services.

The event will draw on the work of a mix of currently-operating, and soon to-be-completed European projects, like the mHealth Hub, Open DEI, and UNICOM.

What is in it for you?

This year’s EHTEL Symposium takes place online only. The event is open to both EHTEL members and friends.

The Symposium is spread over two afternoons, each of around three hours’ duration (14.00 – 17.30 CET). The event begins with a couple of keynote speeches. The two afternoons are composed of three sessions: each session lasts around 45-60 minutes. The sessions include inputs from three or four speakers, which are followed by short discussions/debates.

Informal networking through a "member snapshot session": Given the importance to the EHTEL community of networking, EHTEL members will be able to start one of the afternoons with a special, short interactive session. EHTEL members/friends will gather, in breakout rooms, to ‘show and tell’. These presentations will give attendees a sense of what is happening through the whole of Europe. They will show what EHTEL members/friends are currently doing in relation to data space-related activities. Examples of presentations will include a focus on mobile health apps and different ways of sharing of citizens’ health-related data.

If you would like to attend EHTEL’s 2022 informal networking sessions but are not yet an EHTEL member, please enquire to administration@ehtel.eu.

Healthy breaks: Since people’s health, including health throughout their life-course, is of such importance, one of EHTEL’s special Symposium touches will be to hold a healthy break – complete with yoga exercises.

Watch a 3-minute summary video of the 2021 Symposium here.


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Practical information

Date : 28 - 29/11/2022 Time (CET): 14:00 > 17:30

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