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From paperless prescription to a single medication record across borders

Transformation track

ePrescription has often been one of the very first eHealth services implemented by Member States, although the degree of implementation in Europe is still very diverse. Some countries now have many years of experience with ePrescribing, while others are only starting to consider its development.

Today’s push towards integrated management records is intensified by a more patient-oriented approach and increased digital maturity in European countries.

This EHTEL ‘Imagining 2029’ transformation track webinar, Towards an integrated and collaborative management of medicines: From paperless prescription to a single medication record across borders, will present three national cases. Scotland, Belgium and Denmark – who are at very different stages on this paperless journey. All three countries share the same prerequisite that their work is based on a nationally unified, strategic decision and involves all national stakeholders. Yet they have made very different choices.


Beyond ePrescription, the global question of the integrated management of medications is a lively and challenging subject. A dynamically updated and shared single medication record - which would be used as the unique reference by all prescribers and clinicians, from primary or secondary care - is required to avoid breakages between information and to support informed decisions. This is now the road forward that some countries are taking, while others have already reached that destination. Going beyond paperless prescriptions to an integral and collaborative management of medicines enables many benefits. They include higher quality and patient safety, improved treatment and avoiding medical errors, while also giving citizens the needed information and services to support self-management of their condition(s).


This webinar will demonstrate the different considerations, approaches, and experiences the three countries have had along their journey. It will enable learning among them as well as with all the participants at the webinar. It will also look ahead to what might happen in these countries in the years to come.

While this webinar focuses on the integration of processes at a national level, future webinars in the same series are likely to concentrate on how to structure drugs/pharmaceutical data and how to support cross-border (European and international) activities.


  • An introduction to the development of ePrescription services and the conditions/steps for going fully paperless.
  • The experiences of three European countries and the processes used.
  • A lively debate on:
    • The development and management of an integrated medication record.
    • Each country’s experiences, including with a focus on primary care.
    • Insights into the journey ahead until 2029.



 Welcome and introduction to the topic  Janne Rasmussen, EHTEL & MedCom
 The beginning of the journey in Scotland  Dr. Sam Patel, eHealth Clinical Lead, The Scottish Government
 Progress and experiences from Belgium Don Leonard, INAMI/RIZIV

The Shared Medication Record in Denmark

- From ePrescribing to a single medication record for all

- The roll-out in primary care


Lars Hulbæk, Director, MedCom
Alice Kristensen, Consultant, MedCom

Debate / Q&A

Towards an integrated and collaborative management of medicines

- How does each country embark on the journey?

- Where might Europe be by 2029?

 Moderated by Janne Rasmussen, EHTEL & MedCom
 Closing of webinar  Janne Rasmussen, EHTEL & MedCom



Practical information

Date : 28/03/2022 Time (CET): 13:30 > 15:00

This webinar is dedicated to all EHTEL Members and relevant associated partners to the Scottish, Belgian and Danish member organisations.

If you would otherwise like to attend, send an email to administration@ehtel.eu.

Or better, consider joining the EHTEL Community.


  • MEDCOM - Danish Centre for Health Telematics
    Working Member
  • NHS National Services Scotland
    Working Member
    United Kingdom

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