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Hybrid care


The outcomes of the webinar are now available here.


Virtual workshop focus

The COVID-19 crisis has acted as a force for change, and has delivered some positive outcomes in terms of care – despite the tough circumstances. There are certainly new models of hybrid care emerging (bringing together virtual encounters and face-to-face [F2F] meetings/treatment). These two approaches of virtual and F2F are complementary.

The hybrid approach to health and care is likely to be around in the long-term. How can it best be made to ‘stick’? Having the appropriate integrated infrastructure is important, but so too are other ‘wrap-around’ conditions like: general preparation and planning; the re-design of care pathways; training; and evaluation.


The aim of this virtual workshop is to compare and contrast two services/sites (from Scotland and India) and to determine what are the most effective strategies for developing new models of care, especially ‘hybrid care’.


Key outcomes will include:

  • awareness-raising about what hybrid models of care are and what is needed to progress with them.
  • as a follow-up, a list of chief pointers to the re-design of health and care services and health and care pathways.  


Provisional agenda

Welcome and introduction

Moderator: Ms Nessa Barry, Technology Enabled Care Programme, Scottish Government (Scotland)

Time: 5 minutes

1. Near me: A hybrid model of care

Presenter: Marc Beswick – Near Me Network (Scotland)
Time: 15 minutes

2. Technology-enabled Hybrid Health care:  A  public-private-partnership story from India 

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Krishnan Ganapathy, Apollo Medicine Teleworking Foundation (India)

Time: 15 minutes


Front row: Dr. Astrid van der Velde (Isala Heart Centre, Netherlands), Dr Elisabetta Graps (AReSS, Puglia), Dr. Stuart Anderson (University of Edinburgh).

Key messages of the workshop and announcement of the next session.
Time: 5 minutes

Practical information

This event is dedicated to the Innovation Initiative task force – with its focus on hybrid care – and all members of EHTEL.

You are not an EHTEL member?

You can request an invitation as a guest.

How to join

This virtual workshop is by invitation only. It has been designed for the Innovation Initiative Task Force, with its focus on hybrid care, and all members of EHTEL. It is supported by a number of European projects including SCIROCCO Exchange, vCare and NWE-Chance. The Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation is adding its co-sponsorship. Participation as a guest is possible.

Are you interested in participating as a guest?

Please express your interest by sending an email to administration@ehtel.eu.

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Practical information

Date : 20/05/2021 Time (CET): 14:00 > 15:30

This event is dedicated to all members of EHTEL, and SCIROCCO Exchange and NWE-Chance project partners.

You are not an EHTEL member? You can request an invitation to attend as a guest by sending an email to administration@ehtel.eu.

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