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Integrating mobile health webinar

Virtual workshop focus

Patient-generated health data captured through certified mobile health applications is a growing sector. Beyond accreditation and reimbursement of mHealth, the value of data is closely linked to its connectivity with health information systems and integration into clinical pathways and service delivery value chains.

Now that mHealth applications and digital therapeutics are beginning to be considered as important elements of digital transformation, the whole business model needs to evolve and take into consideration a shared responsibility in the production of data and the use of enabled services. As a result, mobile health data spaces and ecosystems emerge as a new opportunity to provide enhanced care value for patients and clinicians, and advance health innovation and research.

On 29 April, EHTEL organises a virtual workshop entitled “Integrating mobile health data in health service value chains” to explore different paths to integrate patient-generated data through mobile applications into health data ecosystems for improving clinical work and generate value. We will reflect on the organisational, technical and human challenges encountered by health organisations and mHealth apps developers and how they could be overcome to accelerate the uptake of mobile solutions and enrich health data ecosystems.

Provisional agenda

Welcome and introduction

Presenter: Tino Martí and Luc Nicolas (EHTEL)

Time: 10 minutes

1. From mHealth app idea to integrated health service: the More Stamina story

Presenter: Guido Giunti – University of Oulu (North Ostrobothnia, Finland)
Time: 15 minutes

2. How to incentivise and facilitate technically the adoption of mHealth solutions: the case of public procurement of diabetic monitoring devices in Catalonia

Presenter: Yolanda Lupiáñez – TicSalutSocial (Catalonia, Spain)
Time: 15 minutes

Wrapping up - discussion
Live poll
Time: 5 minutes


Front row: Eirik Årsand (Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, Norway), Heather Cook (ORCHA, United Kingdom), Javier Ferrero and Belen Sotillos (European mHealth Hub), Markus Kalliola (SITRA, Finland) 

Time: 40 minutes

Key messages of the workshop and announcement of the next session.
Time: 5 minutes

➡️ Download the webinar presentation HERE.

Practical information

This event is dedicated to all members of EHTEL, and mHealth Hub and InteropEHRate project partners.

You are not an EHTEL member? You can request an invitation to attend as a guest.

How to join

This virtual workshop is by invitation only. It has been designed for EHTEL members and EHTEL-related projects with a focus on health data eco-systems and mobile health data.

Participation as a guest is however possible.

Are you interested in participating as a guest?

Please express your interest by sending an email to administration@ehtel.eu.

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Practical information

Date : 29/04/2021 Time (CET): 15:00 > 16:30

This event is dedicated to all members of EHTEL, and mHealth Hub and InteropEHRate project partners.

You are not an EHTEL member? You can request an invitation to attend as a guest by sending an email to administration@ehtel.eu.

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