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Organisation Description:

In spring 2024, NeroSuBianco not only changed its name to NSBproject s.r.l, but also re-enforced and re-oriented its activities. Visit their new website to learn more.

NSBproject s.r.l. is an Italian consulting company focused on process and product innovation-oriented research & development (R&D) projects. Their core activity is to guide organisations in understanding technology trends before they go for a direct investment and – subsequently – support them in planning and delivering their innovation to market. The company has four branches (healthcare, manufacturing, agri-food, and bio & circular businesses) and a team of business, process, and IT engineers. A dedicated unit is focused on discovering and supporting innovations in European-funded projects, where NSBproject s.r.l. usually plays the role of (close-to-market) Exploitation and Innovation Manager.

Activities and interest with respect to digital health:

NSBproject's healthcare department focuses on data-driven innovations and hardware technologies (like robotics and medical devices) and their organisational and interventional impacts on the healthcare system. The organisational side ranges from management to logistics. The intervention side covers prevention, treatment, and clinical effects. They are dedicated to three key areas. The areas involve establishing successful collaborations between technology providers and end users, connecting the demand side with promising supply side representatives, and paving the way for ground-breaking advances in healthcare.

In 2020, NSBproject s.r.l. took a leading role in spearheading an informal network of Digital Innovation Hubs focused on digital solutions, often called just DIH or DiHN. This powerful ecosystem is designed to foster effective relationships between technology providers and key players in the healthcare system, including policy and decision makers. The network has spread to 19 countries in the European Union; it also includes Norway. NSBproject s.r.l.’s activities have centred around establishing vital corridors among Digital Innovation Hub, forging meaningful connections among project consortia, and facilitating invaluable exchanges between technology providers and end users across Europe.

For more information about NSBproject s.r.l. activities on digital health, its solutions, and services, visit the official website. Or contact Sara Canella, Project Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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