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Organisation and software description

Sorsix is a health technology company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with a main development office in Skopje, North Macedonia. The company comprises over 100 staff members, with a high proportion of engineers. Sorsix’s Software-as-aservice (SaaS) technology “Pinga” serves as the national electronic health record and workflow orchestration system in North Macedonia and Serbia. Pinga solves a broad range of problems while serving as a central interoperability gateway for these two health systems. It has become a “Health Operating System” - a platform that facilitates the interconnectedness of health systems.  

Pinga modules are also used to deliver specific subsets of health system functions for Sorsix customers in Australia and New Zealand. These include online booking and patient engagement, e-referrals, telehealth, claims and payments, customer relationship management functionality, clinic management, and other features. Sorsix works with private and public customers to deliver outcomes for patients and internal administrators via effective digitisation of healthcare processes and the patient journey.  


Activities and interests with respect to digital health

Sorsix is an eHealth technology company. With first-hand experiences of the positive outcomes that effective digitisation can have for healthcare delivery and capacity improvement in healthcare systems, Sorsix believes strongly in the opportunities technology offers to the healthcare sector. As a commercial organisation, Sorsix promotes the technology platform called Pinga, which is a powerful, multifaceted solution for delivering effective digitisation. As a participant in the global healthcare ecosystem, Sorsix is a promoter of effective regulation that protects consumers (e.g.  the General Data Protective Regulation), effective and powerful interoperability standardisation, and the provision of effective APIs and integration on the market.  

Sorsix is a strong supporter of the open-source standard called SMART Health Cards, and of empowering patients to manage their care and have engagement with the process of care.  

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