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Day 2

📅 Agenda

DAY 2 | 1 December 2021 | Virtual Room Opens At 13:30 CET (GMT +01:00)

14:00 CET [5] Day 2 Opening | Wrap-up of day 1

14:15 CET [6] Digital Health Services, from innovation to prescription
Session prepared with Shahram Sharif, LindaCare.
In partnership with the vCare project.
The “Everywhere with digital health” paradigm shift aims at transferring, where possible, the place of care from an acute environment to a home environment and even to people when on the move. This session will explore how hybrid models of care - like mHealth and Digital Therapeutics - can be better integrated into the digital health infrastructure and become mainstream care pathways.

15:10 CET Session transition - Break

15:20 CET [7] Artificial Intelligence for health - Hitting the reality wall
Session prepared with Almawave Italy.
Artificial intelligence (AI) offers some fantastic opportunities for growth in efficiency the domain of health and care. It provides a fast and smart means of crunching data. But many challenges still exist. This session shows how both efficiency and ethics can be brought together in the very same AI-based applications.

16:15 CET Session transition - Break

16:20 CET [8] Forward-looking session: Genomics for digital health services
For the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, the Estonian authorities invited people to make a gift to Estonia and donate a blood sample. More than 100,000 Estonians joined this initiative to contribute to the development of science and medicine. What are the first lessons learned? Can the Estonian experience be extended to other countries? This session will help to look a bit closer at the line beyond the horizon.

17:15 CET Closing the 2021 Thought Leader EHTEL Symposium

What does a citizen-centric data ecosystem mean?

Donna Henderson, Scottish Government, EHTEL President

John Crawford, CrawfordWorks, Honorary Member of EHTEL

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