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Day 2 - 29 November

📅 Agenda

DAY 2 | 29 November 2022 | Virtual Room Opens At 12:30 CET (GMT +01:00)

13:00 CET [5] EHTEL Members’ conversation session
This session is an EHTEL member-only session that will be organised as a type of World Café. During the session, different EHTEL Members will host ‘a table’ where guests will focus on digital health topics ripe for conversation and discussion:
  • Ahead of the session, EHTEL Members will be invited to propose a topic for conversation that they would like to moderate for 20 minutes.
  • Members will be provided with a dedicated “Spatial Chat” session URL.
  • During the session, Members will either be able to sit at a virtual table to engage in a conversation with others for the whole timeslot or move from table-to-table and, hence, topic-to-topic.

14:00 CET Summary of Day 1

14:15 CET [6] A Data Culture for Society to support health data re-use at scale? An exploration
With the support of Clinerion, Switzerland.
This session will reflect on the conditions required for a data-altruistic culture. The factors impacting citizens’ attitudes to health data-sharing will be analysed and representatives of data intermediaries and data users from the private sector will report on their contribution to this Data Culture for Society.

15:00 CET Session transition - Break

15:15 CET [7] Creating interoperability at source: Interoperability governance in a multi-centre data-sharing context
With the support of UNICOM.
This session has as a background data coming from, and shared among, a variety of sources. It will explore two types of data which are critical to the emergence of a truly open European Health Data Space: medicinal products and patient summaries. Although roles and responsibilities differ, both these two use case examples rely on a highly integrated and cooperative ecosystem.

16:00 CET Session transition - Break

16:15 CET [8] Private approaches to health data space creation: Can they also deliver?
With the support of OPEN DEI.
In this session, we will provide a short introduction to the solutions proposed by major private sector initiatives. We will examine how initiatives support the creation of a “system of systems”; explore the key building blocks proposed which could ensure an efficient flow of data in and across domains; and yet also consider what is specific to the healthcare domain and, ultimately, how private sector initiatives might interact with public sector-driven developments.

17:15 CET Closing the 2022 Thought Leader EHTEL Symposium

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